Hoop Drive

BREAKTHROUGH GEARing TECH for automation and electrification




Energy efficient

torque multiplier



Hoop Drive is a gearing solution that offers a unique combination of high torque density, high efficiency and high linearity, with a large hollow bore.

Curved Line

Traditional Cycloid

Energy Efficiency

Hoop Drive

Planetary gear

Series spur gear

Strain wave gearing

Torque Density

Key Innovations

Unique combined torque generation and anti-rotation mechanism dramatically reduces friction and part count.

Independent control of desired lash, including setting internal pre-load is possible through a single dimension adjustment.

Force is spread among many contact points allowing the use of plastic lobes while maintaining high torque capacity.

Reduces inertia, friction and distributes the load more evenly between lobes, improving load capacity and torque linearity.


Increases efficiency

Proven to greatly improve power transfer efficiency in the range of 90% to 97% per stage.

Reduces costs

Substantially reduced part count, size & complexity simplifies and reduces manufacturing costs, and total cost of ownership.

Form meets function

The design increases torque per unit mass and volume, while enabling a smooth and quiet operation. The large hollow bore allows for cable routing and mechanical integration.

Applicable Markets

Wherever there’s a need for high efficiency rotary power conversion with a large speed ratio, compact form factor, hollow bore, high torque density or low mass.





Energy &


Industrial Automation


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Let’s Work Together

Licensing agreements to integrate Hoop Drive gearing technology into your product. Custom solutions include:

  • Power ratings from 50W to 10kW
  • Reduction ratios from 8:1 to 60:1 in a single stage, and up to 3600:1 with a two stage reduction

Dyno testing and acoustic analysis